Saturday, January 17, 2009

The Epitome of Winter

This little guy was laying next to my car as I left the store earlier this week. I wonder how the kid it belonged to managed to kick it off in the seconds before the car door was unlocked and opened. On the poetic level---here it is, the epitome of winter: the Lone Sock.

Someone ought to compose something musical about it with lots of bassoon solos in the minor key.

Thursday, January 15, 2009

First Post from the FP

Peoples peoples! Here I am, back from the throes and woes of moving.

So, the little town I moved to (let's keep the specific name under wraps for a for now I'll be calling it...Favorite Place (FP for short and for extra confusion!) is coolio and pretty soon you all are going to be scrambling to move here too. Watch out for the FP.

We've been running around to what will now be collectively known as Town (the "big" cities almost nearby) to buy stuff like mad. I've never spend this much money on non-tuition things all at once. We're keeping Home Depot's stock up up up. (ok, probly it's a lot of money to me, but not to Home Depot.)

The Rock's parents and my Dad are coming to visit on Saturday (the day after The Rock's Birthday! Happy Birthday The Rock, even though you don't read my blog... but that's probably because he hears all of this Live and In Person! With dancing, jumping and many hand wavings to ensure he understands the full importance of the events.)

So, with the peoples coming, it might be a pretty funny thing because right now our house looks like a bomb exploded AND we don't have a working stove or oven AND we have two bar stools and a bar, but no other table-like structure (unless you count the computer desk in the back bedroom that has No Chair which lessens its value as a table slightly).

It's all a great fun game and makes for funny dinner situations (such as how the hallway is the eating place of choice because the walls are free of boxes and we can sit facing each other and make googly eyes to boot). By the end of the week most of these problems will be resolved. Hopefully.

As for wildlife: there are javelinas that run through the town at night (a lot like Wee Willy Winky, but without the nightgown) AND I SAW THEM! COMING FROM MY BACK YARD! (ok, coming between my house and my neighbors, so only sort of in my back yard, but ...right Past My House!) Apparently they like the trash at the grocery store (who wouldn't?!). The dumpster diving gang strikes again! --Lu