Sunday, June 27, 2010

Famous Person Alert

I've been a bit slackerish of late when it comes to posting. And I apologize, hence the uncomfortable, apologetic sounding "yerm."

BUT! did you notice that the VERY PERSON WHO CREATED THAT WONDERFUL COMIC STRIP I TOLD YOU ABOUT LAST POST LEFT A COMMENT?! Yeah, buddy. Can you say coolest blog comment ever! Wow. That's practically like shaking hands with him. Sweet. (I did a happy dance just then! woot woot!)

Ok. Ahem. Read the comic.

In other news, I am back from my almost week long trip to the lovely girls' camp, and my work schedule will settle down soon (right after tomorrow's Big Hulabaloo Eclipse Pre-Release Party. We are watching the first two movies, eating dinner, giving away free movie tickets and generally bingeing (see if you don't believe that spelling) on all things Twilight Saga. Sorta scary and sorta fun all at the same time).

And if the T word isn't quite your thing, you have The Last Airbender to be looking forward to--are you? I'm taking The Rock to see it someday soon, I just know it.

This Saturday marked our first true summer excursion into The Out--which means pick a dirt road, park when you find a good spot, get out and start climbing.  Then, an hour or so later, start picking your way back toward the original road.  It's not a plan for the faint of heart (or the organized of mind).

That is a snakeskin in my hand.  And let me tell you, it took quite a bit of reassurance from The Rock that No, it did not contain disease or other harmful substances, before I agreed to pick it up with my own bare little fingers.  Bleh.

Sunday, June 13, 2010

A little more humor just for you

My brother showed me a cartoon called Mal and Chad. It's Calvin and Hobbesesque--Mal is a little boy and Chad is his talking dog. Though, unlike Calvin who can be stupid at times (e.g. his school report entitled "Bats are Bugs"), Mal is smart, and Chad, well, he's a talking dog!   Mal builds robots and jet packs and supposedly spent his summer building a rocket that he took into orbit (which makes it totally understandable that he's a little paranoid and mistakes his babysitter for a fed who's come after him). Here's a link to the first comic in the series that's posted online. (and I recommend you read them in order).

Tho, you could read just one out of order, and if so, it should be this one.

Friday, June 11, 2010

A little humor just for you

I don't know anything about MTV or its music awards, but this commercial played when we were at the movie theater and I think it's pretty funny.

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Summertime Fun!

As you probably realize by now, I like good birthday parties quite a bit. I happened across two sites--both are full of goodness (the sugary kind for the first and the fun, fun, fun kind for the second--ok, and it has a sort of circusy feel to it's opening page. Do you speak French? I don't, but apparently they do!)

As you may also have noticed, there has been a dearth of posting here lately. My job has started consuming more of my time lately, though in a very fulfilling sort of way. I'm running a summer program for youth--for instance we tie dyed shirts today. Thirty at least. Maybe more. I'll have to count tomorrow. In case you've been wanting to tie dye (or never have? or have a lot in the distant past) may I point out to you the beautiful things called Tie Dye Kits available at Walmart/craft stores? No cooking, no stirring, just fill up the squeeze bottles with water and dye your shirt! Easy peasy.And those spiral types: SO EASY.  Who knew.  I thought they took a lot of time and effort--they don't.

As a part of the summer program, I made up some flyers--do you mind if I show them off to you here? (I'm going to, so if you don't want to see them, exit now!)  And then, if I can get my show on the road I will put up a summer funtime blog so you can do the same activities we're doing.  (I know; I know.  A lot of say so and not a lot of do so. I'm getting to it.)

Anyone feel like helping me bake a million and one cookies for the cookie decorating class this Thursday?  Any ideas for how to decorate them?  I think I'll just make little gingerbread man shaped sugar cookies and let the children go to work on them unless some other great idea comes along.