Sunday, March 16, 2008

because I'm older...

I was born first. So that is why I get to write the first post for our first blog. (Really, there aren't that many perks to being older than your sister, because inevitably your mom turns to her first and says, "Because you're younger (and presumably have had fewer benefits in life and are tormented incessantly by your Dictator Sister) you get to choose [name your favorite kid treat] first. " Totally unfair, and it really happened. The most vivid memory is when she got to choose between the Rainbow Bright coloring books first.).

This blog is a joint effort because neither of us wanted the sole responsibility for our Own Blog; it's ten times better to have a blogging partner. That way, when your blogging juice is running low, you can delegate (pawn) the responsibility on the other person.

So, we've chosen what our dad would call "flakey" nicknames to mask our identities and create ultra cool blog status. This boils down to our lifelong desire to have alternate identities. (we just thought they'd be a tad more impressive, like Ice Crusher).

With that, we welcome ourselves (and you) to our blog.

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