Friday, March 28, 2008


I think I was born to be a librarian. I love books. Seriously. I have no trouble locating a book (or two, or more) to buy EVERY time I go to a bookstore (especially if it is a used bookstore). This is the girl who can't buy a pair of jeans because that is too much commitment. I buy and return items at an alarming rate--real commitment issues when it comes to purchasing clothes and home decorations (don't ask my husband about the pillows on our couch, it was a traumatic experience that dragged out over several weeks). Not so when it comes to books.

So I like buying books. That's not enough to show that I was predestined to be a librarian. Add this to the list: I know where books are. You want a cookbook--I know the isle. I even know where to find the crockpot cookbooks, the dessert cookbooks, the southwest cookbooks, the general cooking, the budget cooking. I know that kind of stuff about all kinds of books: travel books, craft books, animal books, self help books, history books, how-to-pass-your-AP-test books, and let's not forget kids books. When you get to the children's section, I not only know where books are, I know which ones are worth getting excited about.

I know all of this stuff because I care about where the books are. I CARE. When I walk down the isles, I'm mentally logging away what type of books are on what shelf. It's almost subconscious. And it's pathetic. I can't tell you what the seven wonders of the ancient, let alone modern, world are. But I can show you to the shelf where there's a book on how to take care of your grandfather clock. --Lu

P.S. I'm pretty sure Moo is quite a library aficionado herself. Maybe we can convince her to post about it. Go ahead, inundate her with email now.

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