Monday, March 17, 2008

But then I'm Taller

Once upon a while ago,
Lu turned 5. And mocked me that she was not only 5 and I wasn't---but that she was taller too. I retorted that one day would I show her. Three years later I could not only see over the kitchen counter tops, but also over her. Maybe our parents pitied me more since I looked scrawny around the edges (see above photo--kid on the right), and gave me more seconds at dinner. In any case, no hand-me-downs!

So this is the first post from Moo.
Words are Lu's super skill, not exactly mine, so pardon if the occasional outline of a hand or large no. 5 in crayon on a paper plate appear as posts. I don't have any paper plates at the moment, so that one will have to wait to be realized.

Happy corned beef and potatoes day!

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