Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Follow Up

You know how I told you about The Rock's interest in the cover of that one book (about the witches and the evil wizard)? Well, I asked him last night.
Me: What about this cover catches your interest?
The Rock: It's all colorful and cartoony.
Me: Did it ever interest you because there is One guy surrounded by a hoard of girls?
The Rock: [with a touch of disdain] The thought never entered my mind.

And thus we see Lu's ability to read her husband is slightly lacking. (Although, I CAN read books pretty well. Hopefully that has some merit.)

You know how on Microsoft Word, you can pull down a menu, and it shows recent documents you've opened? I use that quite frequently as a shortcut to accessing documents (duh, that's what it's there for). Anyway, there is a document listed that I have NOT EVER opened (or created, for that matter) in my life. And when I try to open it, to see what the heck it says...yeah. It says the filename/path is invalid and to please try again.

BUT I DON'T know what the heck it is! so how will I know where it's stored now. How did it even get on that list if I didn't open it? (and I'm the only person who uses, or, at least, is supposed to use this computer. I have a password! Doesn't that mean something anymore?)

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