Friday, September 19, 2008


Why it's cool to have a hubby who is in a graduate program for Geology: For research purposes, Moo and the Geologist are heading to Indoneisa.

From Moo's email:

"We'll first be in Bali for a day, or leave right away if we can, to Ambon (the old Dutch capital of the Spice Islands---city and island name), from there to the Banda Islands by boat for a few days, then either by boat or plane to Kisar (island) and some of the nearby islands---Moa, Sermata, Leti--which aren't too
far from the bigger island of Timor if you try and find them on a map. We'll probably be at those islands for a few weeks doing the majority of the research. After that, we'll go to Java to the city of Djokjarta to meet with people at one of the universities there. Then we'll go back to Bali and home again.

I'll bring back a monkey and case of malaria for everyone. So just be sure to have a cage ready---I don't think I'll have room to pack those. Jk. We're going to be as careful as we can while we're there, and we're buying all of the necessary medicines and bug and Komodo
Dragon repellants and water purifiers, etc." --Moo

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Nathan, Bethany, and Noah said...

Awesome! When does the adventure begin?