Friday, October 17, 2008

Enthusiasm for All Things Ridiculous

Confession: I like cheesy, teen girl romances. They have to be of a certain caliber (no Sweet Valley High or something proclaimed as part of a romance series, heaven forbid I be associated with something low class like that). But a stand alone romance once in a while is an enjoyable thing. Somehow I missed this one when it was published. Thank you Bridget for recommending it. Ladies, if you want something frivolous...try it out (Guys, don't bother. Trust me on this one.) Enthusiasm by Polly Shulman.

I also have a habit of liking songs that have the same flavor or feel as that kind of cheesy novel. You could read the book while listening to these songs and you would believe that they had been written as a joint venture. My two current favorites: Crush by David Archuleta and Better in Time by Leona Lewis. Thank you to You Tube for making them available for my listening pleasure. (I can't vouch for the quality of the music videos, I'm just listening. Over and over and over again. I figure, wear the song out and then I won't even want to buy it.)

Since I have the predisposition to like embarrassing stuff like this I might as well ask for your favorites...maybe I'm missing out on something good just because I haven't asked! So let me know other books and music...that is, if you don't mind exposing your enthusiasm for such things.

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Carrie Nation said...

William Lavender's Just Jane:A daughter of England caught in the struggle of the American Revolution. Fun and interesting young adult read.