Sunday, November 30, 2008

Red Rock Thanksgiving

The Rock and I spent Thanksgiving in his hometown with his family and some friends and my Dad. I ate enough food for three people, then topped it off with some whipped cream. (Ho Ho Ho! I love whipped cream!)

The day after Thanksgiving, we took my Dad mountain biking in Sedona. The trail was populated by groups of Asian tourists taking pictures, which makes for a different sort of obstacle. I'm used to rocks, cactus and critters, but not tourists.

Although my Dad didn't come with us when we branched off on another trail (he went back to the parking lot and volunteered himself as a picture taker for the tourists. He told a group from Guatemala "Listo? Queso!" (he said thought about telling them to say "pickle-pie" but decided the meaning might be lost in translation...), I was really glad he came.

The trails were pretty easy, and without tourists, would have let us do some fast riding. The Rock commented on the "grippy dirt" (as compared to the not grippy dust of the Tucson trails). Nice, red, grippy dirt. I hope you notice my black socks...I bummed them off my Dad that morning by telling him how cold my ankles were. And I was glad to be wearing them too--it was cold out there, my ears were froze! And my throat was froze. But mostly my ears.

Back in Phoenix, my dad took us to The South Side for lunch at Carolina's. It was a dive, but the food was tasty, refills were free, and atmosphere was aplenty. They caught my whole eating experience on camera (surveillance camera trained at my head) and it was MESSY--can you eat a tostada and NOT be messy?!

Also of note this weekend was a visit from my BFF Marge who added some sparkle to the weekend. Happy Birthday Marge! --Lu


Kenny B said...

May I try riding on "grippy dirt" over Christmas time?

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You HAVE to see this: