Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Locked Out

So, I locked myself out of my car on Friday. While I was in Town. THAT was fun. I had just stocked up on cheese at Safeway (the Lucerne brand cheese is REALLY GOOD, okay. And I LOVE CHEESE!) and I guess in the excitement of all that cheese, my keys slipped away from me and as I bounced my way across the parking lot to put my cart in the cart corral, I patted my pocket for my keys and...I found them in the back seat of the car. (and by "found them," I mean I gazed longingly through the window at them).

I called The Rock about a million times in a row (because he wasn't answering his phone), then went through a series of emotions: which ended in the rational thought of: Hey! A mechanic's shop. Right there across the street. I went over there, dejectedly explained my plight to the mechanic (who had to hide a smirk) and called the tow company's number that he gave me. After calling them, I realized, hey! The Rock could come and get me after he got off work--it's only an hour and a half drive (vs. $50 and at least a half hour wait for the tow company). I stressed about that decision for a half hour until he called me back (I started imagining that he had gotten off work early, was already playing racquetball and wouldn't check his phone for hours! HOURS I TELL YOU! --and all this stress was building as I skulked around in Kmart (it was cold outside and warm in Kmart). I bet they had their security cameras all over me as I wandered up and down the curtain isles using my cell phone every 20 seconds.))

He came for me.
And happiness (and cheese) abounded!

Ironically---I had gone to the library just before stopping at Safeway. All my books, my cds, my cd player--locked in the car. (I whiled away the hour and a half ogling all the craft items in Joanns and then resigned myself to doodling in my notebook while sitting at a table in the Subway restaurant inside Walmart--then Moo called and I chatted with her. THAT was a good thing!)

It could have been a lot worse--I could have locked my purse and cell phone in the car. There could have been no other places for me to amuse myself (but then I would have just hung out inside Safeway for a while...maybe even gotten a job there. Can't you see them? "Um, well, since you're hanging around here, might as well make yourself useful).

But, I did get an Arby's sandwhich and curly fries out of the ordeal. Yum. Then, on the way home, I stumbled across this AMAZING radio program called Thunder Road. It's slogan is, "Bringing the best of Country Music and NASCAR together." How did I live without THAT?!!!! (actually, they played some really good country music...with NASCAR interviews every other song or so... It makes me laugh even now.) (have you heard Tim McGraw's song Nothin' to Die For? I hadn't, but thanks to Thunder Road, I'll be adding it to my playlist.)

And, I got to visit the little graveyard that divides the Safeway shopping center from the Walmart shopping center. I like visiting graveyards (I'll have to explore that in another post sometime) and I had wanted to visit this one, and that day I had the time to go there. I took some pictures to memorialize the event.

(Is it just me, or does this graveyard look unusually dug up? I noticed the little mounds of dirt as I tromped through the grounds and it wasn't limited to just one spot.)



Carrie Nation said...

Poor Lu. I did a similar thing (but a lot more stupid). A couple weeks ago on the coldest morning we've had all winter (I think the high that day was 8 degrees? No joke), I had to go out in the morning, and so I had to scrape off the ice/frost on my windows. So of course I got the car and the defroster going first. But I don't have any gloves that can handle that kind of cold (it must have been below zero at that time of day), so I could only do one window at a time before jumping in the car to keep my fingers from hurting with the cold. I don't have automatic locks, so I'm very used to locking my door as I get out of the car. I had just finished my last window, my hands were freezing and starting to hurt / go numb, and I went to open my door. And I had locked it. Yep. The car was running, the keys in the ignition, my purse and cell phone sitting on the passenger seat. I'm still not sure what I would have done if my hubby had not been home still (although he was asleep, and I had to pound on the door several times to get him to come open it and give me his keys, me jumping up and down the whole time and blowing on my hands because of the cold). Anyway, long story, but at least your car wasn't on and you had a place to go inside and it wasn't freezing cold. But at least I only had to wait minutes and my boy didn't have to drive anywhere to rescue me! Poor Lu.

Bridget said...

"I whiled away the hour and a half ogling all the craft items in Joanns and then resigned myself to doodling in my notebook while sitting at a table in the Subway restaurant inside Walmart."

That sounds like my idea of HELL.

I'm sad you moved but if you had to move in order to blog more, at least there's consolation in that.