Thursday, February 19, 2009


Guys. I know I've been posting like a maniac the past weeks...and in keeping with that I've started another blog.

I'm jumping up and down in my chair! I'm pretty excited about this New Blog. It's all about food storage--but this is food storage like you've never seen it before. Yeah. Exploding food storage. (no, not really "exploding." I just wrote that because I think it would be cool if there was explosions. Oh! Brilliant idea: we could have Jason Bourne food storage day. That would involve some explosions. Or at least pellet guns). Anyway, I've been buying up some sweet canned goods lately and I'm going to be reviewing them and recipes and places to buy the stuff...

And it's illustrated.
By me. (so you know it's gonna be classy).

There aren't enough exclamation points to convey my excitement.

Tell your friends. And email me ( if you have info you want to share--you could be a guest author! All guest author's will receive a prize. (Seriously. I will send you a prize. check the new blog if you don't believe me. It says so right there.)


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Him, Her & The Wee One said...

Laura, I'm so excited for your new blog! I've been trying to convince my little sister that food storage is cool and I'm pretty sure nothing is more convincing than your self-illustrated blog. She's a graphic designer. She'll totally appreciate your illustrations.