Wednesday, March 25, 2009

How Living a Life of Leisure = Embarrassment

This morning, I awoke to the sound of someone knocking on my front door. I tried to peep out the window (unsuccessful because I didn't have my contacts in and because to do it properly I would have had to open the blinds all the way, which would have been Very Obvious). I went back to bed, but the knocking continued--it seemed to go on for at least five or six minutes, and who knows how long it had been going on before I woke up.

I checked out the window again (because this time, my sleepy-logic told me, I would magically be able to see!). Turns out, I still couldn't see who was at the door, but, thankfully, I could see The Rock's truck pulling up in front of the house. For a moment, I thought that something was terribly wrong, but then realized it was lunch time and he was probably just home for lunch (as I hadn't gotten up earlier and made him some before he left for work).

Oh yeah, it was lunch time. And I wasn't even awake.

I hastily began trying to find some non-pajama pants to pull on (no easy task since I had made a mess of things the night before) and was still looking for them when The Rock found me. He looked pretty amused at the clearly discombobulated state I was in. He told me my friend K was at the door, then trekked off to the kitchen to fix some lunch. I finally found some pants, then stumbled toward the front room.

It was only slightly awkward when I stepped out the front door--hair tousled, eyes puffy, XXXL shirt hanging down to my knees. But, she sympathized when I said, "I stayed up till 4:30 this morning reading a book." She's been known to do that too. She didn't even laugh too hard.

Turns out, she wanted me to babysit the little kids who had been banging on the door. They were really excited about knocking on the door, apparently, so she just let them keep at it even when I didn't come.

End result: I babysat the kids for two hours this afternoon. I was yawning the whole time, but they didn't seem to notice at all. --Lu

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