Thursday, March 26, 2009

Moo is Ashamed for not posting

Note the capitalization?
That means true penance.
Or at least enough shame to get me to post something.

Back in my young and reckless years as a sophomore in my illustration program, a group of us under the real aliases of Thing One, Thing Two , Thing Three (me) and Thing 3.14, started

The Argyle Club

The main purpose of this club was to have a nice excuse to eat chicken and cheesecake on Thursdays, with a rousing game of croquet shortly after in our argyle socks. What more, and better still, it was an indoor croquet game in a small squashy space with about 12 people and a bunch of chairs and tables and much violent mallet whacking.
The Argyle Club's Thursday theme song is one worth listening to, called

by Louis Armstrong

This is one of those songs I can guarantee 90-100% of you will like.

Happy Friday, and cheesecake eating.


Note: the SHOO FLEA was just too good not to post. Just say it outloud: "shoo-flea."

1 comment:

Megan said...

Thanks for introducing me to that song! I love it!

I think you might like Ragg Mopp (if you haven't heard it already).

(This version begins halfway through Mopp, but the full versions don't have the awesome dancing. Watch out for that piano player!)