Thursday, April 16, 2009

Happy Jogger

I've had a rotten case of the sniffles the past three days and I'm happy to finally be returning to my old self.

I didn't sleep very well the first night because I was fighting off a fever-- my upper body was threatening to erupt in flames while my feet were pretending to be on a expdeition to the arctic. After a few hours, my feet ached with cold, and instead of sleeping I was furiously trying to devise some sort of warming device that was not a potato (because we don't have any in stock right now). Just as I had concluded that ziplock bags full of hot water probably weren't a good idea, The Rock woke up and graciously agreed to let me put my feet on him until they thawed. He's a saint I tell you.

In spite of my sickly state, I did go to the gym on Tuesday and again today. I thought I had the gym mastered. Take a book, sit on a stationary bike and pedal until the book runs out. The FP threw a wrench in my method by having flat screen tvs in front of every stationary bike, elliptical, stair stepper and treadmill. I tried to ignore the tvs. But they keep playing those cable tv shows that I'm so easily engrossed in. Those shows are the reason I can't have cable tv of my very own. I would be lost to the world.

So, I finally took control of the tv situation. I work out in the middle of the day (one of the perks of being unemployed). That way, there's usually no one else in the gym and I can commandeer three tvs (or more) at once. I hop on a treadmill and enjoy home improvement shows to my heart's content. It's almost as good as tivo.

Then, on Tuesday as I was trying the psych-yourself-out-of-being-sick workout method (it didn't work) I discovered The Food Network. I watched the barefoot contessa whip up a traditional jewish meal while I slaved away on the treadmill. Not only was I jogging, I was enjoying it! Now, that's something that doesn't happen everyday.

Except, does. The food network and I are the best workout partner EVER. And, I got a great Rugelach recipe to boot. I went home and made it. It's not my standard recipe--way more involved than a quick chocolate chip cookie. It looks like my workouts and my cooking skills are bulking up. --Lu


jendoop said...

See- this is what I fear! That my workout will be undone before I even leave the gym. I usually workout during the TODAY! (gotta love the exclamation mark) show where they make a fat-laden unhealthy food. Which of course, I want to make as soon as I exit the gym. Which completely negates my workout. What is a woman to do?!

Lu&Moo said...

Yeah, sometimes it is almost counterproductive. Almost. I can't help but think that trying a new dessert recipe is somehow broadening my cooking skills. It's like taking the next level math class. Or a science class just for fun. Except, you can't eat your science experiments.

jamila said...

Interesting combo, Lu - I think you can get away with it, but for me I feel like it might negate the benefits I could be getting from working out by influencing my eating habits in a bad way. Not that they're not already bad. Not that I have been working out lately, either, come to think of it. Hmmm . . . maybe I should try to see if the Food Network could lure me into the exercise room, too.