Thursday, April 2, 2009


Last night we were talking to an elementary school teacher. This person, Mr. R, said that he was having a great day because he had found his king snake. "It's been five days since he disappeared, so I thought he was long gone."

You might wonder how the snake disappeared in the first place. Mr. R explained that he has a memory that is "two inches long" so when he was cleaning the king snake's cage and decided to crack the lid open to get rid of some of the extra condensation inside the cage, it probably wasn't the best idea. He thought he'd come back in an hour and put the lid down. Twenty-four hours later, he remembered, and discovered that the snake had taken the opportunity to escape. Because the cage is inside his classroom (ACK!) he frantically searched the room. He even had a friend come and move the furniture around. He looked everywhere. It seemed that the snake was gone.

On day five, Mr. R decided to clean "the rat's nest" (the corner of the room where he dumps any paperwork he's not ready to deal with when it's handed to him). At the bottom of the pile...was the snake, looking up at him.


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