Sunday, June 7, 2009

Movie Recommendations

My dad took me and The Rock to see Up for my belated birthday present (I love getting a trip to the movies as a birthday present, but there wasn't anything out back then that I wanted to see. In fact, The Rock's birthday present to me is still on hold because it seems that HP6 will NEVER make it to the theaters. Does anyone else feel like we've been waiting way too long for that flick?!)

As a warning, if you are a bawl-baby like me, you'll probably have a few teary moments during Up. (who would have thought it would be that kind of show). Also, there are a few things that are slightly annoying and/or cheesy in a grin(grimace)-and-bear-it kind of way. But those elements didn't detract from the good parts of the movie enough to make me regret seeing it. I love a movie that makes me laugh (and cry, too, if it's for a good reason.) This one did both.

If you haven't yet seen Love Comes Softly, may I recommend that too. I think the book might be even better, but it's been so many years since I read it, I can't give a reasoned opinion on it right now.

It seems that I appreciate more and more stories that depict what I consider to be real love. Love based on something beyond instant attraction or an irresistible, fatalistic pull toward someone else. Maybe it's because I don't buy into the notion of fated love, or love that sprouts from an unknown source, undying and unyielding no matter what. That would be too easy. And I have yet to see an example of that kind of love in a relationship in the Real World. I'm happy to be pointed toward such a relationship, though, if you know of one.

That isn't to say that I think all relationships in the Real World are painful or unhappy. I know that's not true. For instance, so many things about being with The Rock come naturally and easily. But it didn't just happen out of thin air. Both of us have characteristics and personalities that allow us to get along easily with each other. And when I was making the decision to marry him, I looked for those things. As much of a hottie I think he is, that pales in comparison to Who He Is. Who a person is (their character) is what you look for when you are thinking about success in the long term. Jane Austen was all over that principle--just read Pride and Prejudice again if you don't believe me.

So when a movie or a book has characters that actually love each other because of the kind of people they are, I love to immerse myself in the story. Which is why I appreciated Love Comes Softly--it feels real to me in a way that most romance books/movies don't.

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jamila said...

Ditto on the "Up" review - I got misty at one point, and tears actually fell at another. I felt somewhat deceived - I had expected a movie that was only funny, not one that also had serious, heartstring-pulling moments. But I still liked it. Pixar is good.
And, I know what you mean about HP6 - they better not make us wait that long for 7.
And, did I tell you that I've watched the "New Moon" trailer time after time after time . . . pathetic, I know.