Friday, July 17, 2009



Yes, I was the girl who blocked off the day in my planner for the opening date of HP6 when it was in November (remember that debacle? And how Twilight tried to supplement the loss by moving into the old HP date?). I was the girl who sighed over how far away the movie was when it was still scheduled for that Novemeber date, and I was the girl who was Very Upset by the shift all the way to JULY! (are you joking?! That was an eternity away.)

I was the girl who asked that my birthday present be tickets to see HP6 even though I would have to wait 3 months to get them. And I was the girl who started asking for that birthday present 6 months before my birthday. And I was the girl who drove her husband crazy with HP talk (though it was a cheerful road as he got plenty of good teasing time in).

And, yes, I am the girl who just now realized that Harry's latest flick has been out in theaters for a few days now...and I didn't even know it. In February I could tell you the exact date the movie was coming out. I could tell you how thrilled I was to see it. How I was going to make a paper chain to count down the days (not really, but I was that kind of excited).

Somewhere in the mess that has been the month of July, I lost track completely of HP6 and just now as I was looking up something completely different on YouTube, I saw an add for The Movie.

It felt like the time I slept through my first class of the day, but didn't realize I was late. I got to the hallway of my class and saw a few too many of my classmates walking in the wrong direction and then, in a moment worthy of a movie, I glanced up at the clock and stopped dead in my tracks. Twilight Zone music played in my ears and I thought for a small moment that time had flashed forward an hour instantaneously.

And when I realized what had happened, I was filled with an overwhelming sense of indignation. I had been gypped out of a WHOLE HOUR of my life! (except that I had been asleep during that hour, so technically I had gotten a much needed benefit, unintentional though it was).

So now that my indignation at HP6's audacious sneaking is wearing down, I've got to figure out when I can make it to Town to see The Movie... I can hardly wait!



Jon Major said...

It's hopeless. Obviously, you survived waiting a couple extra days to go see it. What's another couple months until it comes out on DVD? Better yet, you could just skip watching it altogether. You would never know the difference.

Megan said...

We saw it today. Matthias dressed up by combing his hair all British like (bangs down, etc), wearing a maroon button up shirt untucked from his jeans and a striped tie. 'Twas fun! :)

Matthias said...

I'd say it was the most or one of the most entertaining of the movies. Again, no substitute for the book, major divergence from Rowling's original plot, but that Ron Weasley: hubba hubba. Expect alot of humorous teen romance.