Thursday, July 23, 2009

This is What I Get for Excercising

Because I've been sitting in front of the computer tonight for hours the Rock suggested (kindly, mind you) that I maybe do something that did not involve sitting in front of the computer (he can say things like that because (a) he's so stinkin' good looking (b) he is amazingly athletic and was on his way to racquetball even as he made the suggestion, so he is in no way a hypocrite (c) he almost never makes suggestions as to what I should or should not be doing (d) he knows I'll hate myself later for all the time I spent glued to the computer).

And so, in a fit of goodness I first tackled some laundry and then, inspired by the adrenaline rush that is Folding Clothes, I up and hied myself over to the track to do a little jogging.

It was such a lovely night out, what with the stars and the breeze and the not 115 degree weather that I seriously considered twirling the whole length of the football field. But, alas, there were other people present, and I didn't relish the idea of spectators.

So, after panting around the track for a while I hopped in my car (which, can I tell you...I left the window down and my keys on the front seat and NO ONE STOLE MY CAR! I love the FP!) and on a whim decided to go for a short drive (with the windows down and the music up, of course).

What I hadn't counted on was getting a FLAT TIRE (boo, hiss). Unlike other times when I've gotten a flat, I actually wasn't an hour from help in the middle of the summer, nor was I on my way to a job interview, nor did the flat occur on one of those single lane ramps that cross over the mess of other freeway lanes below. So. I counted myself mostly lucky and got home just fine on my now Very Flat Tire.

So, I get to keep up my Workout Enthusiasm by riding my bike to work tomorrow. (and, truth be told, it's a sad, sad thing that I don't already ride my bike there everyday because, (don't hate me for this) my workplace is less than a mile from my house).

The moral of this tale is: ride your bike to work from the start so your car won't have to harm itself to make it's point about Going Green. --Lu

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