Wednesday, September 9, 2009

When Em came to Town

My good friend Em visited this weekend and she brought the rain with her, just like last time. She's a brave girl so she opted for mountain biking even though rain was threatening. The threat was fulfilled in the form of DOWNPOUR and FLASH FLOODS!

I can't adequately tell you the thrill of riding through rushing water where just an hour before there was none. The brown water splooshing up over your handlebars, all over your legs, your poncho only barely noticeable because you were already soaked when you put it on...

The adventure didn't end after we'd gotten back to the truck. The Rock later said, "I know about flash floods, so before I drove through the wash I looked up it..." What he said to Em and me was "Look at that!" There was a two foot wave of water rolling down the wash! We were 5 seconds too late to make it across safely so we waited 20 minutes for the water to get a little more manageable. Then we waited 20 minutes again when we had to cross the same wash half a mile down.

On Monday I secured proof of The Rock's love of animals/crawly things:

(we nicknamed this the Pool of Wonders because it's a cool little pool in the rocks, there's an 'island' in it, AND there was a beetle (shown), a snake in a crack on the back wall AND! a dead tarantula floating in the water).

I vote this one of the Top Weekends in the FP. Thanks Em!


Megan said...

Sounds fun!

The leaves have started changing...

Arizona Dunbars said...

That is quite the crazy adventure. I am glad you waited and I didn't have to hear about you on the news8)!!

Lu&Moo said...

Megan--COLORED LEAVES! I'm getting almost unbearably excited. WOO HOO!

AZ Dunbars--Um, yeah, we're trying to avoid being the stupid people on the Tucson getting caught in a wash gets you no sympathy, in fact your friends would probably shun you for that kind of dopy behavior. Tucson taught us well.