Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Every Moo Needs a Studio

YES! I have a STUDIO now!

I always did kind of sort of have it, only, it had all of my paintings and a (I love it when in mid-sentence I glance up and google is advertising "Feline Pine Cat Litter" with the explanation that "Your cat's litter is important--more than toys or treats." Nice try google. Not buying today.)

Anyway, I had a whole bunch of stuff in the corner, and the University Library has the Famous Artist Course books in the oversized section, and my new goal is to go through all of them before we move in August, or December. And the very first part before Lesson 1, which I could have told you myself, but it's More So coming from Norman Rockwell and Bernie Fuchs (two of the famous illustrators who wrote the books), that before you begin, you need a studio space.

So on Saturday The Geologist mopped the whole kitchen floor and we took all of the big paintings and things I'm not using to his house, and then borrowed my in-laws other card table, and ta-da! I have a studio!

I'm really excited about this because now I can make my painty messes and I don't have to clean them up before dinner/lunch/breakfast/snack because it was all over our kitchen table.

The Geologist has heard lots about this between Saturday, and yesterday like you get to hear now because I'm really excited, as I just said two sentences ago.

The End.

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