Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Loosing of the Bird

Someone nick-knocked on our door tonight (see video below, entitled Hamish and Andy 3 step hiding).  Coincidence???

Best of all, just after I opened the door to find no one on my doorstep, a frantic looking sparrow flew through my open doorway and INTO my house!  (which precluded further investigation to see if there was a three step hider in the yard.)

After some moments of yelping, much fluttering of wings and panicked bouncing off of light fixtures (yelping by me, fluttering and bouncing by sparrow), the poor little bird resigned itself to its fate and held relatively still while we put a bowl over it, slid a magazine under it and deposited it outside. 

The most pressing question now is: Was it intentional?  Because, isn't Set A Bird Loose In The House a thousand times better prank than just knock and run!


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