Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Urban Coyote: The Real Pictures

In my haste to provide my best photos for the last post, I omitted one really important photo--the proof that the coyote was indeed a city dweller.   (thanks jendoop for pointing that out).  Here's the proof:  

See the coyote in the orange circle?  See the sprawling city of Tempe behind him?  And the cars wizzing past on the freeway?  Poor, sad, little City Slicker coyote.  The little patch of desert he and I are in is a city park--it just looks all barren and isolated because desert parks aren't usually nicely landscaped like Real city parks are.  Which is why us Arizona kids get to the Eastern states and flip out.  Because it's like a storybook come to life!

And that leads to the other picture--the cool shot of my siblings on the top of the rocky hill--yeah, in reality, it was a pathetic little hill, but I like having nice looking photos, so I tried to make this one look all cool by shooting from the base of the hill up, thus removing the city and pathetic-ness of the hill from the picture.

The orange circle shows you approximately where I crouched to take the photo, and the fuchsia oval shows more of the city off in the distance.    I like my end photo much, much better. 



Megan said...

So when are you going to move to the storybook? :)

Anonymous said...

"My bum looks faat." (say in a nice whiny fat girl voice)

Mystery Sister

jendoop said...

Thanks, I believe you now (you know I'm always doubting the truth of your posts)

Yes the end photo is much better, it shows your smallness with your siblings looming over you - there's a lot to analyze there, hhhhmmmm....