Thursday, August 5, 2010

An Observation

The Geologist and I have made an observation about people who shop/pretend to shop at REI. (We're in the pretend to shop category because we like to go and and admire and touch all the shiny bikes and tent poles, but then we go home and look online for where whatever it is we want is really on sale. REI's idea of 'a sale' is not our idea of 'a sale.')
Anyway----we've concluded that on any given day at any given time that we stop in to REI, there will ALWAYS be 1.) a Subaru Outback (usually green) with 2.) a roof rack. Stickers about the environment or similar are optional. 

This last time, we counted roughly 8 altogether, 5 with roof racks. They always park facing Yosemite. Just kidding. But this last time there was quite the bumper crop, and I had to take a picture.
These were at another outdoors store, but as you may guess, not in REI. (The one on the far left is the "Buck and Doe" arrangement. The doe has little antlers, but they're hard to see.) They also sell fake coonskin caps, and if my head were smaller, I'd ask for one for my birthday.


Christina LeSueur said...

Just thought I'd mention your fruit smoothie idea. We tried it this past week and it was AWESOME! It is definitely going to become a weekly/monthly treat. Thanks for the idea!

Amy said...

Oh my gosh, David and I have had the exact same REI conversation, right down to the green Subaru! LOL That's a little spooky.