Friday, October 29, 2010

Favorite Halloween Costume and Makeup Tutorials

This post is a compilation of the videos and links I've been using for inspiration for my homemade costume/makeup this Halloween. 

I'll include some of my own findings about cheap makeup ideas at the bottom of the post (including where to get some uber cheap makeups so you get the look without breaking the bank for Halloween, along with diy recipes for makeup remover and brush cleaner).

Martha's Ghostly Equestrian

Martha's Madame Butterfly

Whether you like her or not, Martha Stewart has some of the BEST costume ideas on the web.
Even if you've seen these before, they are worth looking at again for inspiration--they teach you how to take mundane things and make them something special. 

Martha's Spellbinding Sorceress Costume

New and sort of hidden this year, is the full tutorial of how they created Martha's Enchantress Costume for 2010.  Follow this link to get the step by step instructions!  AMAZING!  And the things they use to create the look probably could all be found at the $1 store or thrift stores (or a substitute anyway).  (images from

This tutorial got me into a fairy wing mess of my own...I'll post pictures when I'm done.

My suggestion would be to keep it simple (notice there is only one color of paint used in the tutorial), have some glitter on hand, and see if your Walmart has incense on clearance like mine did for 75 cents.  Walmart also has really cheap knee highs in little plastic balls (like the kind that come out of vending machines with a toy surprise inside).

I have become quite entranced by the tutorials by MissChevious because makeup is somewhat of a mystery to me, and she makes it much, much less mysterious.  I've done two trial runs using some of the techniques she shows, and even with my dollar store makeup, I'm finding I can get pretty close to her look.  I'm only embedding one tutorial here: check out her website for many, many more.


Never underestimate the deals you can find online. If you give yourself a head start time wise, you can buy good makeup for reasonable prices online. Same goes for craft supplies. Especially if you live in a semi remote location like I do where selection is limited when you do get to an actual store.

The Dollar Tree is your friend for makeup (the larger the store, the better). Don't overlook Ulta (the makeup superstore)--it turns out their house brand Ulta and their other brand Essence can be Very Cheap. And when it comes to cheap, nothing beats E.L.F. makeup--I bought false eyelashes for $1, glue included! And most of their stuff is $1. DON'T ASSUME THE CHEAPEST PLACE IS WALMART! Shop around (even within the store--quickly walk through all the makeup selection and the Halloween section to get an idea of what the price range is).

Moo and I have found E.L.F. at Target and Big Lots, you can also order it online, but you might not get it in time for Halloween...they do have a 50% off eye makeup right now online, which makes a bunch of stuff 50 cents! I wish I had found that deal earlier. Use this link to find a store that sells E.L.F. near you.

HIGHER QUALITY MAKEUP FOR LESS--Just from perusing the nets it seems that NYX is a higher quality but still very reasonably priced makeup brand. I think it can ususally be found at Ulta and online. It's heralded as a cheaper alternative to MAC makeup.


For eyeshadow base, mix foundation and facial lotion (2 parts lotion to 1 part foundation), spread it on/around your eyes and your shadow will stick better and "stronger."

Eyeshadow Mixing Medium makes any eyeshadow more like a paint or into an eyeliner.  Use 3 parts water to 1 part glycerin (at walmart, the glycerin is on the same isle as rubbing alcohol)

I am a goof, I know, but I'm really excited to stick little jewels all over my face this Halloween. The cheapest route I found this year was to pick up scrapbooking jewel stickers at Michaels (on clearance and regularly priced for $1-$2), peel off the sticker back, then put a dab of eyelash glue on them then stick 'em on. Easy, cheap, and very effective. The advantage of looking in the scrapbook section is that they have a larger range of color. I needed browns and goldy-yellows--only found that pallette in the scrapbook section.

Best kept secret is that you can use artist brushes for makeup brushes.  You can buy them for a fraction of the cost of nice makeup brushes, and I saw one video where the guy showed both the makeup brush and the artist brush side by side and they are almost exactly the SAME (e.g. the handle is longer on one)!  Price wise you're looking at $20-60 for a makeup brush and $3-15 for the same artist brush.  The recommended artist brush brand: Loew Cornell.  (don't pay full price, these go on sale at Michaels and Joanns regularly--and you might try a discount art store too).

Brush cleaner can be made using rubbing alcohol, purified water, baby shampoo,'s a link.

Use glitter approved for use by your eyes (duh) but!  one way to get it to stick: Vaseline.  Smear some on, then brush on glitter on top.

If you don't mind using an oil based remover, get a cotton ball or pad and dampen it with water, then pour a few drops of olive oil onto the cotton and rub it over your eyes.  Works like a charm.

Alright, that's enough for now.  If you've found good stuff like this on the nets, let me know!  Happy Haunting!

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