Friday, April 25, 2008

Sparkly Lips

For my birthday I received three flavors (and they are YUMMY flavors)
of sparkly, shiny lip gloss. Not much is more girly than that. And I
have been happily applying lip gloss every 2 to 3 minutes since the
moment I got them. At times, after applying the lip gloss (and I
usually go all out, no little dab for me) I feel slightly self
concious because HEY there are sparkles on my lips. Not enough shame
has hit me yet to discontinue using them. At work, at the store, on
the bus, and at the gym. (and because I still had lip gloss on my lips
when I finished at the gym, I know that this is Quality lip gloss).

P.S. The university just hosted a rap concert. The daily university
newspaper published part of the contract. Along with specifications
as to what furniture should be in the hotel room (including end
tables) there was also a request for (1) connect four game (will be
travelling with one, but it's nice to have an extra just in case).
Yes folks. It really is the simple pleasures that make life

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