Friday, May 2, 2008

Frootie O's and Mountain Goats

One time when I visited Moo, we were poor. For entertainment we
walked to the grocery store and bought a box of frootie o's for $1.
Then we sat on the balcony of her apartment (which overlooked the
parking lot) and made froot loop necklaces. The yarn or string, or
whatever you use gets a little sticky after you start eating the o's
off of it. Lately, as I've walked down the cereal isle, I've wanted
to buy some frootie o's and make necklaces. Does Spring make you
nostalgic too?

On Friday Husband (can I just call him, The Rock? It's cooler, it's
more accurate...and it's cooler). The Rock took me on a night hike in
a canyon. Now, the sun was still setting when we arrived, but by the
time we headed back we had to use flashlights (we tried NOT using
flashlights, but at some point it became ridiculous). Best part: the
little bitty frogs that were hanging out in the pseudo-stream (it
wasn't really running water, but in the desert, I take what I can
get). Once the sun set, they started bleating up a storm. Bleating.
Not ribbit ribbit ribbit. No. These guys are more like mountain
goats. No matter. I've never experienced that before--frog noises in
the dark dark dark. It was quite an experience. (Plus, we caught one
mid bleat with the beam of our flashlight so I could see his little
bubbly throat expand and contract with each Maaaa).--Lu

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