Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Elevator Encounter

Where I work, there are public bathrooms on every floor of the building. The problem with the first floor bathroom is that it is public. And there is a lot of Public using it every day. (It doesn't
help that the color scheme is brown and yellow). People, employees and Public alike, have been known to head to another floor to take advantage of the not so well used bathrooms. It also doesn't help that sometimes, usually at the most inconvenient times, the bathrooms are closed for cleaning.

Yesterday, I went to the first floor to drop something off. I got on an elevator to go back to my floor, when two little girls jumped on the elevator with me. The doors closed, and they hadn't pushed a button for a floor so I asked, "Where are you going?" (my idea being that I would push the button for them). They responded, "To the bathroom!" Me: "Yeah, but what floor?" Them: "Up!" Me (in my mind): "Oh brother." They got out with me, because I suggested it, and then I
directed them to the bathroom (they walked right by it, so I guess they couldn't read)--they finally made it in the right door after three different attempts by me to point out the correct door. As an afterthought I yelled after them, "To get back down, push 1." I hope they made it back down without too much trouble...

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