Thursday, May 22, 2008

Fantasy Island

So I've been mountain biking for a little over a year now. And there is a "famous" trail here in Tucson, called Fantasy Island. And I've ridden that trail multiple times (including the "bunny trail" which should be renamed the "boring trail" just so you know). There are some sweet spots on the trail, including one called The Shaft. There is a caution sign right before the descent that shows a biker flying off of his crashing bike, and a vulture flying overhead. Some enterprising biker slapped an Air Evac sticker to the bottom of the sign. So that's the setting for the subject of today's post.

Before you watch the classic film I've posted below, I want to say for the record that I have successfully ridden down The Shaft several times. That said, check out the video:

Yes, I clung to my bike as if it weren't crashing to the ground. If this video is any indication, this girl would have stuck with the Titanic till the bitter end. In my defense, I have crashed before this and always managed to lessen the fall by ditching my bike somewhere between the upright position and the ground. Oh, and that male voice: that's The Rock right before he came to my aid and sympathized with me (he happens to have similar wounds on his arms too from last week's ride on the same trail. BUT he was attempting a Sweet jump at the time.)

This is my biggest crash. But just as there is shame in the fall, there is glory in the injuries. (thankfully they are all "merely flesh wounds." Another testament to the fact that prayers are answered and that helmets and biking glasses are worn for a reason.)


Carrie Nation said...

Gee, Lu, I'm glad you're adding excitement to your life, but are you sure you didn't do that just for the great video to show people later? I am so glad you aren't seriously hurt because it makes me feel a lot less guilty about admitting that the video made me laugh. Besides, growing up it seems you were fated to get hurt around me (remember your lip? and the stitches at camp?). Lucky I wasn't there, I suppose, cause it could have been much worse!

jamila said...

Dang, Lu!! That's pretty good. I cringe. Yet you go down so good-naturedly (did I spell that right?); I mean, you don't appear to be freaking out or screaming "Mmooommmmmmyyyyyy!!!" like I would be doing if it happened to me. But wait! It wouldn't happen to me, because I would be too chicken to even atempt that. You're my hero!
And those are some sweet battle wounds! I'm glad I got to see them in real life. Once again, you're amazing - happy healing!