Sunday, June 8, 2008

chicken mania

Once I thought I might want to own some chickens. This started when I was reading the book Flipped by Wendelin Van Draanen (I found a copy of it at a thrift store for 25 cents! I love that kind of price!) . (it has a chicken right there on the front cover...subtle indoctrination from the start!) It's a teen fiction book, it's a short, light read, and the main character owns some chickens. And that is where I learned that chickens lay eggs whether there is a rooster or not (I know they need a rooster if you want chicks, but I didn't know the egg laying was spontaneous. Pitifully ignorant, I know.) The book also contains the notion that eventually, hens lose their drive and egg-laying begins to peter out. That got me thinking: Is that true? So I started an unofficial poll. (it's a fun poll to take because you can really catch people off guard by asking, Have you owned chickens?) The answer I've come to is that chickens' desire doesn't drop off just because there isn't a rooster around (if you have had different experiences...let me know because, well, read on...).

And that means that yes, I could own chickens someday. Fresh eggs, little clucky hens with names like Gladys and Marigold = my future.

This future all depends on there NOT being a rooster involved. My aversion to roosters started the first time I met one. When I visited Karl's work (located in a small southern Arizona town), there was a rooster nearby (read: next door). It cock-a-doodle-doo'ed (you try spelling that and see if you fare any better!) all day long. Every 15 seconds (or less) there was another crowing. My nervous twitch started after 2 minutes and 10 seconds. That is how long a rooster would last at my house--because on second 11 I would be rooster hunting.

In conclusion, I'm wondering if this city-girl desire for some hens of my own is something anyone has advice about...please let me know so I can start making realistic plans for my future chicken coop. --Lu


jamila said...

I think owning chickens is a great idea. Are you up to cleaning up after them, though? If you do purchase chickens, would you be willing to sell some of the eggs for cheap to your friends? Would they produce enough eggs to share? Actually, how much does it cost to keep chickens? Is it cheaper to keep chickens, or buy eggs? These are my thoughts at 10:06 on a Sunday night.

the penrods said...

what type of obligation am i under to refer to you only as "lu" in blog comments? :) i just have to say hi and that bike wreck was awesome. my husband is very into mountain biking and has tried, to no avail, to get me to pick it up. i'm sorry, i'd repeat that video everytime i went if i did and i'm not feeling up to that. i can barely not crash on flat, level asphalt.

Anonymous said...

Lu, I just want to let you know that we have a friend who has chickens/hens and perhaps you two should get together for lunch sometime to discuss the implications. I've fantasized about having all different kinds of animals. And, while I think it would be fun - do not forget about the hassel involved. I went to this old roommates house (or workshop as it once was) one evening and got to see/play with the chickens. They were absolutely adorable; however, chicks like to chirp, chirp, chirp. And, they get poo stuck in their feet. I suppose they don't require much care, but you should ask our friend. I will admit the thought of fresh eggs is a wonderful idea.

Carrie Nation said...

no advice, but I'd like to hear what you come up with. It's one of my goals to have a goat and some hens. The goat to be my lawn-mower and milk supply, the chickens for their eggs of course. And a black lab, who will terrorize the other animals at his own peril.