Wednesday, June 11, 2008


So, a few of you have sent in comments on the last post...They are great. I love reading comments. HOWEVER, I'm having difficulties with my computer, so the comments won't show up right away, but I am reading them and appreciating them.

As for my real housekeeping issue: there is a smell at my house. It's new, it's exciting, and it's bothering me! It's not a rotting smell, it's not a stinky feet smell, it's a synthetic smell. I don't think it's our bikes (which live in the house, the rationale for which anyone in Tucson will readily discern), and it's not our "new" couch. What is this mystery smell?

Once I had a different mystery smell (my neighbor smoking in his apartment)--the smell itself wasn't the mystery: our apartment smelled like a motel--you know that odor of someone-has-smoked-here-just-not-right-at-this-minute-smell? That one. The mystery was, Where was the smell originating? Mystery solved: the neighbor. During that time, I was wondering if I was imagining the smell sometimes, so I asked a friend if my house smelled funny. She said, "Well I don't know what it smells like in here normally, so I don't know." Good point.

So I'm stuck in the same position once again, except the uncertainty of WHAT is causing the smell is almost more troublesome than the smell. Until I figure it out, I'll be at my apartment taking up-close wiffs of everything it might possibly be (so far I've smelled the couches (twice) and the bikes, and the garbage (ok, I just took it out, because I've already tried that before and regretted it.) What else is there to smell? --Lu


Bridget said...

So, Laura, that friend who said, "Well I don't know what it smells like in here normally, so I don't know"? - That's a really nice way of saying, "Yes, Laura, it REEKS in here."

Did you check the garbage disposal, if you have one? Or just the sink drain in general?

jamila said...

My vote is that it is the fault of the new upstairs neighbors. If you want, I will come over, we can bang on their door and go sniff all of their posessions (except the garbage, of course).

Carrie Nation said...

sometimes I discover strange smells originating from the fridge or the garbage disposal. but you say it's a synthetic smell. very help here. Although, we've discovered that our neighbors smoke on occasion. It's usually not too big of a problem, but sometimes I walk in and I can smell its lingering motel-smell. The other day I opened the door to our water-heater closet that shares a wall with them, and I immediately thought, "This closet smells like Europe." Why? The lingering smoke smell, of course.