Saturday, July 12, 2008

Jet Skis

Last Family Home Evening activity with the Fiance's family was to make sure the new jet-skis were properly working. Oh darn. I got to ride behind The Fiance down almost the whole length of Utah Lake. It was great. He goes really fast since he's done it a lot---and then there was me (insert appropriate Moo cartoon) with my turn to learn how to drive: gooOOOooo, stop. GOOOOOooo, stop. goOOOOOOooooo.,stop. Jet ski and Fiance because Moo drives slow: WHUMPH! WHUMPH! WHUMPH! It's best fast since it's not so bumpy. Fiance is patient. :)
Afterwards, you would also have been entertained by me running through clouds, and I mean CLOUDS, of mosquitos. It was all I could do, when I realized what they were, to not dance in one spot and yell with my arms flailing---like the Bryan Regan skit about the little bee, or the invisible spider web, or Sarah when she claimed she couldn't eat the shredded lettuce on her tacos because it would make her run out in the street and yell "TAXI!" --Moo

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