Monday, July 14, 2008

All that talk about AZ being a Dry's a lie!

After church yesterday The Rock and I made homemade oreos. All because the cream cheese's expiration date was getting close. To use up ALL of the cream cheese (The Rock's goal) we had to tripple the batch. By the time we got around to making the icing (the only thing that calls for
cream cheese) the cream cheese was sort of melty (it is HOT in our apartment, thank you Humidity for rendering our swamp cooler USELESS) so The Rock had to add WAY more powdered sugar than the recipe calls for.

So then the frosting was a weird consistency that only is firm when it is cold. Practically speaking that means: the cookies only stay stuck together, with a nice icing filling, when they are in the fridge. Oy. And I've only glued one batch of cookies together into oreos. After that I shoved the icing into the fridge and called it a night. --Lu

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jamila said...

Yummy! Why didn't you call me so I could come and help you get rid of the cream cheese?