Thursday, February 12, 2009

Night Mail and Co.

I got a sewing machine. Did I tell you? I like it. It's all shiny and new. And I'm making an apron as my first practice project. Get the feel of the machine and all. The apron's...not the cutest, but not because I didn't do a good job. The fabrics wouldn't have been my first pick (or second) for an apron, but since I bought them to practice on...anyway. It's coming right along. Look at me, Domestic Goddess.

Speaking of domesticity, I made some cookies today, in honor of Valentine's day. One of my favorite holidays because I love cutting hearts out of construction paper and putting up pink and red and white decorations. And I love sugar cookies with pink frosting. Yum. But I've been sorely behind schedule this year. Today, I tried to gain back some of the ground I'd lost. I made valentine's cards, and I made those cookies I mentioned above (did I also mention that I ate at least half of them? That's pretty much a WHOLE STICK OF BUTTER! No wonder I wasn't hungry for lunch. I didn't even realize I'd missed lunch until after dinner. And that's saying something. You know how much I like to eat all the time. Don't like missing meals.) Ugh. Just thinking of the cookies makes me feel a little ill right now. Don't eat that much dough in one afternoon. Just a word of warning.

I needed to get the mail today--but The Rock went to bed early tonight--so I had to go by myself. After dark. And my Tucson self said, "Drive the car--it's Safer." And the Already-Adjusted-To-Life-in-the-Favorite-Place-Small-Town husband said, "Walk. It will take the same amount of time." I said, "No way. Is scary out there." (visions of marauding javelina car thief purse snatcher types passed through my mind). Then...I remembered. It's dang cold outside. Javelina won't be out (actually, I don't know this...but I pretended). And it's not Tucson. No one's gonna bother me. And I would have to warm up the car.

So I did it. I walked over there. In the pitch black darkness of a small town. With the sky arching above me, covered in stars. More stars than in Tucson. Enough stars to make the sky noticeable...and big. I even left the front door of the house unlocked. And I came back without injury to body or soul. And the house seems to be exactly as I left it (aside from the two pieces of mail I brought in).

There's something nice about having brisk air in your face. In the silent dark. With the stars. And your mail. And knowing that in just a few minutes, you'll be back in your warm house.

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