Thursday, February 12, 2009

On Repetition

Did you know that Moo and I requested The Pale Green Pants poem on a regular basis as our bedtime story? Well we did. It was in an anthology of Dr. Seuss that includes one of his best--Too Many Dave's. The last name on the list of possible alternative names for all of the Dave's is Zanzabar Buck Buck McFate. I loved hearing that name!

Now, and for many years, I haven't liked Dr. Seuss books. And the movies--I don't like those either. (I just don't.) And I probably won't buy the books for my kids or nieces or nephews or friends kids because I don't want to read them out loud. Over. And over. That's a nightmare. Reading them once is a nightmare. BUT in the midst of all of this dislike, I DO like the anthology that includes pale green pants and too many daves. I would buy that. And read it too. (In fairness, I like one page out of Hop On Pop. The one where the gleeful "kids" are hopping on pop's tummy. That is funny. I only look at that one picture though and then I'm done with the book.)

Back to Repetition: we also refused to let our parents rent any movie but the Rainbow Brite movie from blockbuster (or whatever rental store they had back in those days). I distinctly remember my dad asking us if maybe we wanted to rent a different movie, since we had already rented That one. No. We didn't.

We also watched Dumbo on a regular basis (and by "regular basis" I mean practically every day.) That is a SCARY movie, and disturbing too, but watch it we did. If you start singing a song from Dumbo, I guarantee I can sing along. I bet Moo can too.


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Emily said...

The green pant story is my favorite one too.