Monday, March 16, 2009

Mossy Storage Space Tutorial

I have some velcro rollers that I use on a few rare occasions. Because I use them so infrequently I didn't want to use up precious space storing them, so I devised this as their permanent home:

It was surprisingly quick to put it together.
I used cardboard from an picture frame box, Super Moss Brand Instant Green (re-usable moss cloth), masking tape and tacks.

I turned the tin container upside down on the cardboard and traced around the opening at the top--the cardboard needs to fit just inside the tin container, without being so small that it slides to the bottom.

I tested the cardboard on the container, and trimmed off a few places so it fit how I wanted it to.
Then I taped one edge of the cardboard to the container. I left the tape on the outside of the container because no one will see that side, but you could put the tape on the inside if you want to make it look good from all angles.

Then I pulled the cardboard off, and used it to trace the oval pattern onto the moss--the moss cloth is easy to work with--I had no trouble tracing or cutting it out. (aside from little piece of moss getting all over the floor, but that was expected).

Then I cut the moss--I didn't cut close to the line because I wanted to have enough moss to fold under the edge of the cardboard if it would look better that way.

Then I folded some tape, stuck it to the top of the cardboard and pressed the moss cloth into place. I folded under the front edge of the moss and used tacks to hold it in place, stretching it a little to get rid of any bumps in the moss (its fold lines were pretty well creased in place). I ended up cutting off the rest of the moss close to the edge of the cardboard because folding all of the edges under made the lid poke up too much.

The moss is VERY messy--little pieces fall off at every touch, so beware. Also, I've had the mossy container in my bathroom for a month or so now, and I still find little pieces of moss on the floor, but there are fewer and fewer as the days go by (and yet the moss still looks good, no bare patches or anything), so maybe I was just knocking off pieces that were already loose.

I found the tin container at Home Goods--one of my favorite stores for home decorations (especially things from the clearance racks)--and the moss was from Joanns.


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