Saturday, March 14, 2009

Utah Extravaganza

Hi. Last week I took a road trip to Utah. All By Myself (The Rock had work, and seriously people, do you really Think he would have liked having a girl party for an Entire Week? Exactly.)

It was a great experiment in whether I could actually drive all that way alone. Turns out, Yes. Yes, I can. And it was cake. I was bored the last two hours of the drive there, but that was my biggest complaint. If I have a decent audiobook to listen to I'm capable of driving long distances--even without cruise control.

It also turns out that I'm pretty scatterbrained these days. Let me describe my attempts to leave Utah:
1. Wake up, pack, get in the car, sit there, ready to go and realize haven't seen phone charger for a few days. Rummage through luggage: no chager.
2. Return to house, search for and find phone charger.
2.5 Pat self on back for being observant AND responsible.
3. Get in car, drive to gas station, gas up and realize have left pillow at house.
4. Return to house, nab the pillow, find favorite water bottle skulking in a corner and rejoice that have noticed it and not left it behind.
5. Get in car feeling good about self and trip and life.
6. Drive 3 hours and stop for gas (Used up most of my gas on the wind alone...or else the first gas station lied when it said my tank was full)
7. Find gas station, but fail to find wallet.
8. Call Moo. She leaves work, goes to house and finds my wallet. In the HOUSE. 3 hours away.
9. Ask Moo to bring it to me as I can't drive back--seeing as I'm almost out of gas and have No Money.
10. Drive 45 minutes back to another little town to wait for Moo.
11. 2.5 hours later, meet up with Moo.
12. Gas up and head for home.
13. A majillion hours later, pull into my garage in the FP and realize I've left my Brand New Flower Vase at Moo's house.
14. Decide not to call Moo and ask her to drive it to me.

I'm becoming Very Experienced at waiting in town's for someone to come and bail me out.

These are the fruits of my wait:

I owe my successful return home to Moo who braved the snowstorm and the wind to come find me. Thanks Moo and thanks Geologist for supporting her (and thanks too for the sweet sharktooth earrings you gave me)!

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Jon said...

Good riddance! Just kidding. I'm glad you like your new earrings; just don't stab yourself or anyone else.