Wednesday, April 29, 2009

The Great Indoors

I've been holed up in my house since Monday afternoon with my New Laptop. I've turned into a housebound computer nerd for a whole week. There's a card table set up in front of our couch--blankets, pillows, books, crumbs, a sock, my cell phone and a speaker for blasting Pandora radio are strewn about around the laptop. The Rock asked if I was setting up camp there. Then he took my picture. Probably to document the fuzzy growth that will occur as I turn from a semi useful person into a stubble ridden, flabby, unearthly pale person with an aversion to natural light. I'll start to look like a character from the Twilight Movie--without help from makeup.

Speaking of Pandora, have you tried it? I have. I've been playing it almost non-stop for a few days. The Rock has used it a few times too. I didn't have to buy the songs I like, but they keep playing them. Woot.

So, while I've been sitting here at my...Desk, The Rock was just admiring our new sleeping bags. He lifted one above his head and commented how light it is. It's rated to 10 degrees and it's amazing because both he and I grew up using junky sleeping bags that probably didn't even get a rating. And they weighed a lot more than these do.

He let the sleeping bag droop over his head just as I said, "We're gonna roast in those." (since we'll probably Never go camping when it's that cold outside). He gives me a blank look and says, "I didn't hear you...too much insulation over my ears."
Wise guy.


Jon Major said...

You still sound bored :)

Lu&Moo said...

Maybe just a smidge...But I keep getting sick, so it's not like I could be of use to society anyway. Maybe the laptop sent some germs from China...