Monday, April 27, 2009

The Old Pueblo Rides Again

Thanks to everyone in Tucson who made our trip there this weekend THE BEST. I came back to the FP so stinkin' tired, but happy happy happy. Here's just a little of the goodness I experienced:

1. Callie's hip hop dance to the funked out version of Pirates of the Carribean. [wow. I checked out some of the side videos--Lord of the Rings hip]

2. Sabra's hair styling prowess. Who knew blond, fuscia and brown hair could look so GOOD! Rockstar good, that is.

3. Richard for telling The Rock that yes he was welcome to stay at Richard's house. The Rock could take his pick of sleeping arrangement: on the comfy couch, on the not so comfy floor, or in the Spacious Bathroom...

4. Usandthings for entertaining me for a few hours, and for making up the guest bed so I could take an hour long nap at 10 in the morning. You saved me!

5. Richard for finding the gila monster and for entertaining us the whole hike!

6. Tucson for having this guy in the wild:
(I took that picture! Isn't he/she beautiful?!)

7. Jamie for coming home early to host a party for us.

8. Jani and Brian for introducing me to mint oreos. (I'm sending you my bill for addiction counseling)

9. Dave and Killen for being their Best Selves (aside from Killen's attempt to avoid traffic tickets. Grr. Take that thing off your license plate already, Killen), and Tyler for "crashing" the party he was totally invited to. I love you guys!

10. Em for stopping by in spite of the Arizona Snowball fight residue all over her.

11. Jamie and Abbie for watching That One Movie (and Abbie for not laughing too hard) and Jamie for staying up way way way past her bedtime.

12. Megan and Matthias for being cool people with some wicked cooking skillz

13. The Tarbots for saving us from starvation on our trip back to the FP.

Sigh. I had an amazing time. And I know there are many many more people I should be thanking here. I'm counting my blessings for knowing such caring and fun and funny people. Thanks Everyone for making this a great vacation for us. --Lu

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jamila said...

Awww, Lu, it was so great seeing you! And I feel so special to be mentioned - you're the best!