Sunday, May 24, 2009

May Two Four Celebration

Earlier this week I received this invitation:

HOW'S IT GOIN', EH? You are cordially invited to celebrate the birth of Queen Victoria with the OTHER Canadians!! In Canada, the national holiday in May is called VICTORIA DAY, but as the kids call it, MAY TWO-FOUR!

In Canada , this long weekend holiday is typically when people open up their cottages (they call those cabins down here) and drink many two-fours of beer with friends and family!! What's a TWO-FOUR? Well, it's a case of 24 beer, which you never see down here in the U.S. !

We are going to attempt to gather as much Canadiana as possible... a case of some Canadian beer, I'll make some poutine... but in typical Canadian-style, we're making this a pot-luck party... so bring a dish to share!

Feel free to wear red and white, or bring any Canadian music, stories, any Canadian paraphernalia you can muster! A prize goes to the first person to sing the Canadian National Anthem all the way through... (hey man, I've known the Star Spangled Banner from beginning to end since I was a child)
All hail the mighty maple leaf!!!

Here is a creepy picture of Queen Victoria , from me to you.

The creepy picture and the promise of a singing contest sealed the deal for me, and so we went to show our support and revel in all things Canadian. The poutine was tasty tasty tasty (even though there were no cheese curds because they couldn't be found...what's with that? Everyone loves curds but no one sells them except the ghetto south side Food City in Tucson and the dairy in Beaver, UT)

AND! I tied for last place on the Canadian quiz.

See if you can do any better:

The national languages of Canada: _______ and _________
The captiol of Canada: ________________
How many provinces and terrirtories are there? ( 9 and 4; 10 and 2; 11 and 2; 10 and 3 and 11 and 3)
What does RCMP stand for?
Which of these actors is not Canadian: Keanu Reeves, Pamela Anderson, Courtney Cox, Jim Carey
Is the CFL playing field longer or shorter than an NFL field? Bonus: by how many yards?
Which Canadian singer sings "I'm Gonna Getcha Good"?
What famous Canadian is mentioned in the song Sweet Home Alabama?
What is a double double and where do you get one?
What is a Canadian one dollar coin called? A two dollar coin?
What is the title of the leader of Canada? Bonus: what is his name?
When was the country founded? (1776, 1812, 1867, 1909)

Answers will be posted in a week. If you can't wait that long, email me.

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