Wednesday, May 20, 2009

What Inspires College Boys

One of our brothers is a freshman in college. A few weeks ago he was telling me about the sorry state of the internet connection in their apartment. Apparently it is unreliable at best. This causes no small frustration among the roommates, and finally, one of them started hatching a plan to solve the problem. The plan consisted of: gathering a group of other disgruntled people, marching down to the internet provider's office, listing their grievances, and demanding solutions.

Me: That's quite the plan. Sounds sort of involved.
My brother: Yeah, it is. ...He got the idea from Newsies.

Since when do college age boys even know what Newsies is...let alone let it guide their lives?!

Watch this for yourself and see if you don't ask the same question. Ah. Newsies. What a classic. --Lu

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