Monday, August 10, 2009

Cooking Fun with Julia

Hi Friends!

NPR has an interview with the screen writer/author for the new Julie and Julia movie, along with a few clips.
The clips don't give away the plot, they just dish out good characterization. And they're really funny----ESPECIALLY the meltdown one.
I think all of us can relate. I was guffawing up my sleeve over it. Real life and all that.


P.S. This is Lu: watch the "Meltdown" scene (found on the left side of the NPR story page). The crying is so funny because haven't we all Been There?!!!

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jendoop said...

Now that I've seen that meltdown scene I won't feel as self-conscious with my next one. I have an audience larger than she did though, the kids think I've completely lost it when I do that.

I loved the Eat clip. That husband wife relationship seems so endearing.