Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Adrenaline Rush

We hiked Indian Head Trail starting at the trailhead at Flume Gorge Park, New Hampshire. The entire trail is encompassed by trees that block the view of the valley below. That is, until you reach the summit. Once there, the trees suddenly clear and there is nothing but you, a monstrous granite rock beneath your feet and a View.

With no guard railing to stop me, and with a fresh breeze whisking away all the condensation that had accumulated on my skin (because surely that wasn't sweat? Even Arizona doesn't produce sweat like that!) I couldn't resist the urge:

New Hampshire in the fall beats Boston every single day. Look at those fall colors. Love you NH!


Lora said...

Why are you in New Hampshire? Just for fun? Family? Business? I like your pictures. Have a fun time!

Lu&Moo said...

Vacation! ( it's all done now, though, sigh, that's the way of vacations I suppose). Because Boston in the Fall was supposed to be amazing! Turns out NH in the Fall is AMAZING!