Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Ode To Mrs. Consoli, or Some Amazing Ribs

Oh boy. This is the one. (for me anyhow)
Country style ribs were on sale last Friday at the Highly Esteemed and Marvelous Buy Low, and I bought a pack. Then during class today, I googled 'quick bbq ribs' and we now have Mrs. J. Consoli to thank as we eat and weep over her "Quick and Tasty 3 Step BBQ Rib Recipe."
Mm. Mm-mm. Watch out though, them thar ribs are super addicting, and I think you could get your month's worth of cholesterol if you eat the whole recipe. See the nutritional facts to the right.
I only had three tiddly little pieces and that was enough for me (although I think I would have eaten myself to death if I wasn't the Unselfish-Thoughtful-Soul-Who-Thinks-of-Her-Husband and her right aorta)
Note: We don't have a real grill as yet, and so I used the George Foreman grill instead and it worked marvelously.

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