Sunday, October 25, 2009

Poof you're a frog!

For the FP's Halloween carnival last night, I dressed up as a Fairy Godmother.  Five yards of tulle, one yard of silver mesh, 2 yards of satin ribbon, a poofy white skirt, a sparkly necklace from an estate sale, and a bunch of glitter that's my idea of a great costume!

The shoes, however, were my pride and joy.  And now, I share them with you.  Sadly, there are no "before" pictures, so just imagine with me that there is a pair of Very Pink high heels before you (straight off the shelves at Goodwill).  And with a wave of my tinfoil covered cardboard and dowel wand....

These shoes are the results of silver screen print paint, copious quantities of silver glitter, plastic "jewels" and modge podge.  (And that's the wand making an appearance there at the top of the photos).

In a stroke of I'm-trying-to-sleep-but-my-brain-won't-turn-off inspiration: it came to me that I should hand out "wishes"--gifts I might bestow on people if I really were their fairy godmother.

"Broccoli will taste like candy to you."

"Your bike tires will never go flat."

"You will find buried treasure."

"Your breath will never be stinky again."

"You'll never have to cut your toenails."

"You'll never be kidnapped by pirates."

And if you were here, I'd bestow just such a wish on you.  POOF!  --Lu


Amanda said...

Wow, those shoes are great. Had I know you could work such wonders, I would have had you work up some magic for Lillian's Cinderella shoes. As it is, I've totally lost steam after making her dress, so she'll probably just wear her Sunday shoes.

Wheelwright Adventures said...

Those shoes are the most amazing things I have ever seen. I am in love with the interactive costume idea of giving out wishes. That is too funny!

Matthias said...

Hey! Your "never have to cut your toenails" fairy-god-wish worked on me!

jendoop said...

I, like Amanda, exhausted myself on my daughters costume and now realize I ignored shoes. Poop. Her costume is all black and she only has white shoes. No time to do the wonders you did, school Halloween parade is tomorrow.

Love your shoes, and the wishes. Mail me a good one.

Lu&Moo said...

Amanda and Jendoop: Two words (or is it one?): Spray Paint (, two.) I'm itching to see what happens when spraypaint hits shoes...If you try it before I do, let me know.

Matthias: It's about time someone gave you that wish, because your toenails were getting pretty raunchy at 4.5 inches. Blech. ;)