Saturday, November 28, 2009

Favorite Things Add On

3. Psych.

(I know, I know. Megan and Matthias are shaking their heads and saying, "We told you so."  And all I can say back were RIGHT!  It is stinkin' funny.)

(Psych side note: The Rock's sister says that since she's been watching Psych, she's noticed she's been more observant.  And just tonight (a mere three days after seeing my first episode EVER) I too noticed that I'm getting a tad more observant.  As in, we were picking up a key from our neighbors, and from my position outside their back door I observed that there were homemade chocolates on the kitchen table.  And in my mind, the little Psych glowy light zoned in around the chocolates as if it were an important clue.  Mostly, it was just important to my stomach.)

Watch yourself an episode and let me know if you like.

That links to the second show of the series because...

NOTE: the pilot episode is hilarious and worth watching, but does have the only makeout scene I've encountered in the series so far (though I'm not really an expert on the series, I have it on good authority it's the only one).  It's mild, but I'm warning you because I was annoyed by it and you might be too.  Also, it happens at the beginning of the show, and I didn't want you to get the wrong idea about the whole series from that one blip of stupidity.  And also, these shows are crime mysteries, and sometimes there is some violence, which I didn't find offensive, but I get overly worried that my scale of tolerance is not your scale, so--there ya go.


P.S. In case you were wondering, my neighbors did give us some chocolates even though I was Very Good Mannered and didn't make any kind of suggestive comment at all.  Patience paid off...and the fact that they know I have an unquenchable sweet tooth.


Megan said...

Bwahaha! I'm glad you like! Unfortunately it's not a 100% morally clean show as there are some slip-ups, but compared to normal television it sure is refreshing! We always get disappointed when there's a bad one...I think that's been like twice.

Also, it's too bad you didn't post this sooner. Black Friday we bought two seasons for $13 each. That's like the price of a normal DVD if not less, so we bit.


Have you seen the spelling bee one yet?

Lu&Moo said...

WAH HA HA! Onion.

There is so much funniness. Woot! We just ordered seasons 1 and 2, not quite as good a deal as yours, but close.