Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Good Idea / Bad Idea?

Sometimes I get in the So-Super-Cheap-It's-Comical Christmas mode.  (you didn't know that mode even existed, did you?)

The latest thought:  Giving someone library books.  Wrap them up all nice and pretty with a big bow and they can read them and then get rid of 'em.  Very practical for the minimalist on your list.  And also for us tightwad gift givers.

In my family it was (is?) entirely acceptable to give secondhand gifts to someone else.  In fact, because we gave second hand gifts we were contributing to a Greener Earth actually got quite a few Really Good presents on a tight budget.  Garage sales, thrift stores, our own closets (har) are a few sources.  I don't know that anyone's gone for the dumpster dive finds, but it would have been cool if they did.   My favorite example is the year Moo gave me an Uno Card from our very own Sesame Street Uno deck.  (Don't worry, she spiced it up by hiding it in the freezer.)

My friend in Tucson said her kids would often come up with goofy things on their wish lists because their family was so poor.  Things like World Peace and One Bag of Pizza Pockets were not unheard of requests.

What are your tightwad gifting ideas/requests? 


Megan said...

Donuts. And lots of them!

Jon Major said...

Well, I don't want to ruin the surprise, but we just might get you a tightwad gift for Christmas.