Tuesday, December 8, 2009

The Weather Outside Is Frightful

Living in Arizona, those words have rarely held much meaning for me.  Frightful, eh?  Yah, if you call 60 degrees and sunny "frightful"--then I'm with ya.    But last night, I got a small taste of what those words really mean. The wind moaned and howled around my house, an unusual bumping was heard repeatedly from one side of the house, rain lashed against our windows, and my neighbor's tree gave up the ghost in an amazingly ferocious winter storm.  The storm began yesterday morning with rain, then fog in the late afternoon, and culminated with hurling of water and ice and wind all night long. 

It made me really appreciate my house--no chinks in it and a nice heater plugging away come rain, sleet, or snow.  I remember reading the Little House on the Prairie book The Long Winter.  I hated that book because it made me feel so cold and dark and forlorn.  In contrast, last night, a warm glow filled the house: I had the heater, a few blankets, and my trusty rice bag to keep me warm.  I really do feel blessed.  --Lu

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Amanda said...

This storm kept me awake for a large portion of the night. One of our windows made a noise that sounded remarkably like a whimpering child, so my mommy-radar kept sending me signals that I needed to be awake and get out of bed.