Sunday, January 17, 2010

Birthday Boy

My old roomie Jamila and her brother came to stay the night on Friday, and on Saturday I cooked The Rock and the Jamila's the biggest fattiest greasiest yummiest birthday breakfast EVER.  There were pancakes made with half and half, and freshly made berry syrup and whipped cream, and a Whole Package of Expensive Costco Bacon fried in it's own greasy goodness, and eggs fried in the bacon grease.  Wow.  It was heavenly. No four people should eat an entire package of thick bacon in one sitting--so we didn't.  We left two pieces for breakfast on Sunday.  And also, we didn't eat until noon, which turned out to be a good thing, because we would have exploded had  we actually eaten three meals that day. 

Annnnd...that's all. 
Happy Birthday to The Rock who can now say he is the same age (number wise) as I am, and that means it actually seems like we're the same age, and I can't play the I'm Older And Smarter card for a few months now.  Bummer.

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jamila said...

My but it was heavenly! Thanks!