Monday, January 11, 2010

Dumb Burnette?

Wow.  To prove my title is not so much of a question as I wish it were, I just published this post.  Before I'd written it.  So, if you are lucky enough to be on the blog before I finish typing this, you will see just a title question.  (and no, I'm not taking a poll on this one because I fear the results.)

Here's a story for you.  And maybe, probably, it is about me.

 Ok.  Here goes.
Once I left my house in a rush to get to work (because, although I wasn't running late, I didn't exactly have time to dawdle).  I locked my front door and skipped down the steps to the garage.  I threw open the door and---the garage was EMPTY.  Oh, no!
Me: Where is my car?  Someone stole my Honda!

I was shocked and sad and really mad because we'd made it through several years in Tucson without the car being stolen and then it happened in the teensy, tiny town of the FP of all places?!  What kind of ridiculousness is that!
So I ran back up the steps, fumbled for my keys, and called The Rock at work all at the same time.  He picked up and I said, "Dude!  The car is gone!"
The Rock: Um...I don't know where it is. (he drives the truck and when he left that morning, the car was in the garage).
Me: Someone stole our CAR!  It's gone!  I don't know what to do.
The Rock: [hopefully] Did you drive it anywhere today?
Me: I didn't drive it anywh--Hey.  I had it when I went to the fitness center.  No, it was definitely here.
The Rock: Did you go anywhere else?
Me: Uh...Yeah.  The grocery store.  I went there, so that means it was stolen after that.
The Rock: Is it possible, that maybe you left it at the grocery store? [note: we live almost directly behind the store, so we usually walk to the store]
[stupefied silence from me as reality dawns; The Rock is trying not to laugh]
Me: Oh. My. Gosh. I'm such a dork!  I drove it to the store and forgot that I'd driven and I walked home with the groceries and left the car in the parking lot.
The Rock: [still trying not to laugh too hard] Ok.  Well, you can go get it, right?
Me [giddy with relief]: What a dork!  Wooee!  Ok, well, Bye.

So, our car was not stolen.  It was misplaced.  By me.

And now it's back in the garage where it belongs.

The end.


Amanda said...

You meant to write "Dumb Burnette," right...?

Callie said...

Since writing HA HA HA HA HA HA HA seems like it's just not sincere enough, please picture me there, laughing, hysterically, at you!

Lu&Moo said...

Amanda: har har. I thought about writing that, but I like to keep a smidge of hope about myself ;) But wouldn't it be cool if blogger automatically generated a title like that for people who post before writing the body of the post?

I'm really bad about pushing the publish button before I'm ready/fully edited. And this isn't even my first comment response to you, I already deleted the other one because I published it too soon too.

I'm sensing a pattern...

Amy said...

He He He!