Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Blog (not book) Review

The ocotillos are in bloom here in the desert.  Like really long lit matches...

One upon a time here at luandmoo, I used to review books.  Remember those times? 
Yeah.  Like a distant dream.

It isn't that I haven't been reading books lately, because, sadly for my sleep schedule, I have.  I don't really want to do full blown reviews of the books yet because I can't seem to formulate a decent plot summary. 

Instead, I'll review one of my favorite blogs, one where I consistently lurk.  The Pioneer Woman.  This blog came to my attention first because of the photography section--she's an amateur photographer who documents what she's learned and shares her photoshoping techniques.   She also has a recipe book and a cooking section on her blog with free (and tasty) recipes.

But she's also an entertaining and funny blogger who documents her life as the wife of a rancher and mother of several children (4 or 5, I can't remember). 

If that kind of thing sounds interesting to you, here are two recent blog posts of hers that made me laugh.  I hope they brighten your day the way they did mine.

Adventures in Texting


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